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About Amy

My name is Amy & I’ve been a Real Estate Investor for over 16 years. I have also been consulting with other investors since 2019. My specialty is finding ways to invest smarter not harder. There is nothing I love more than showing my clients how to get better results with less time & effort.

I am an active investor currently self managing rentals in the Denver area. I have also expanded to buying in other areas such as Michigan & Texas. I currently own over twenty investment properties: mainly a mix of rentals & private mortgage notes.

I bring experience from a wide range of strategies including buying & selling wholesale, buying at Auctions, 1031 exchanges,tax liens, tax deeds, opportunity zone's & funds, property management, Land Contracts, Owner Financing and more!

I believe in maintaining a positive mindset, creating partnerships with a purpose, and always striving for significant outcomes.


When you work with me, you should expect a highly professional collaboration with transparency and consistency.


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