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10% interest locked in on this performing mortgage note!


This property located in Albion, MI & is currently undergoing renovations with plans to be owner occupied soon by a life long local resident. He is highly motivated to remain in the property & has consistently made on time payments, has a fixed income & is a very resonsible home owner. 


By purchasing this note you will become the deed holder to the property & will take over receiving the monthly pricipal & interest payment. Purchasing this note for $30,000 with $43,678 guaranteed over the life of the 10 year contract!


**please note: price will decrease over time! Ask what today's current price is 


Sale not available thru web, please contact directly for more details & to complete this transaction. 


Be the Bank!


Buying performing mortgage notes has never been easier & sets you up for the most passive income possible! Never worry about a leaky toilet, a late night emergency, or a single bill to pay. By buying notes you sit back, relax & collect your principal & interest every month - just like the bank! If the debtee stops paying, simply foreclose on your property & do what you want with it. 

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Albion, MI Note for Sale

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