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The 1859 House: A Peek Inside

We got inside the house! Anthony worked his magic, got in, got pics, and got the locks changed for me. Also a good time to put a lock box on the property, even if you don't have a specific need yet.

I'll let you see the pictures & judge for yourself:

The entire downstairs is pretty nice and in good shape. Kitchen is dated, but big and full of potential. The big issue is the roof is bad, and appears to be leaking into one of the upstairs bedrooms. Furnace is ancient, but working! House is full of junk, that's standard & should be expected when buying at auction. The furniture in this one is actually pretty nice, might consider doing some type of estate sale or something...

Now I have some big decisions to make. Do I want to put in the work to fix this place up? If I do, do I want to keep it as a rental or sell it as flip? It feels like a daunting amount of work, maybe more than I want to take on right now. But I've done it before & the numbers seem to work - roughly. Time to really analyze this deal and decide on my next move.

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