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The 1859 House: Making Initial Contact

The wait is finally over, the deed has arrived!!

Now to reach out to the current residents. I was a little nervous & unsure how exactly to word a letter, wanted to sound professional but also reasonable. Hopefully I did okay. You can read it for yourself. What would you have said differently?

Trying to decided on a price to set the rent at was hard not knowing anything about the inside condition. I decided a bit below average would be fair, and if that was totally un-affordable they would let me know, no doubt.

Once source I use when trying to get an estimate on fair rent for a property is Rentometer - I trying to check a few site to compare, but it's a quick & easy way to get an idea of comps in the area.

Now back to waiting, let's see if they reply to my first letter or if more attempts will have to be made.

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