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The 1859 House: To Keep or to Sell

My decision making process for keeping or selling this house should be strictly about the numbers. But reality is, my recent experience plays a big part into where I'm at emotionally with taking on a big project like this. It's a very nice house, absolutely worth the work, but am I the one to do it....

Last year, I flipped two houses in this same area, both were smaller and appeared to need less work than this house appears to need. What I've quickly learned is these old houses often have a lot more problems emerge once you start digging into everything.

The primary issue is I don't feel like I have the crew I would need for a project like this, and it being out of state makes it all a lot more daunting. I have Anthony, and he could do a lot, but he has his own business to run. If it were a local project I could oversee myself I would feel totally differently. But it's not, and my gut is telling me I don't want to take on this headache right now.

The economy is shifting, the supply chain is a mess, getting supplies is difficult & expensive. It's winter in Michigan which is a tough time to work on things like a roof. I'm really sick of dealing with the city.

So, for all of those reasons & more, I've decided this house will now be a wholetail & I will sell it as is.


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